We truly are a business built on “Reputation” and we pride ourselves on our 5-Star Experience in every way! Below you can get a feel for the type of service you can expect from Zimmerman’s Air Conditioning and Heating.

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Hugh Fulmer (Property Owner)

I have used and recommended “David Zimmerman” for all my Business and Personal “Air Conditioning” needs for several years now.
When I need to have any of the office suites I own serviced or worked on “I” call “Dave” period. He is a top notch, highly skilled Professional and he does a thorough job, no matter what he has ever done for me.

His workmanship is his biggest asset and he surrounds himself with other very good, highly trained A/C Technicians who are just like having “David” on site himself.

You will not be disappointed by using and referring “David” as he has never let me down.

I hope in the future to use David again and be able to continually refer him to other home-owners and business /property managers and owners.
Hugh Fulmer

Icthus Church of Plant City

Our Church recently opened at 1801 Thonotosassa Road, and as we begin having services we quickly noticed the “Air-Conditioner” although it was cooling, could not keep the 520′ room cool enough with all kinds of extra fans and blowers.
We were referred to “Dave Zimmerman” by some friends, as a “good, honest, hard working Christian A/C Service & Repair Company.”

We really had no prior preference and so, we gave Dave a call. Dave was very prompt in returning our call and trying to help us get some better performance out of our unit until he could come out and take a look at it. After doing several things we called Dave back, he then made a return visit on a Saturday if my memory serves correctly (as he is very booked at this time of year) and basically he told us to repair the unit we had verses replacing it was not a good move in the long run for us financially.

We decided to have “Dave” install for us an entirely new system and the work and results of which are impeccable. Once the old “Air Handler” was removed all of us could see it was simply rusted out and worn-out! And the correct advice and choice was made.

Within a few days of that Saturday diagnosis “Dave” had us up and running again, and very cool I might add! Dave’s work ethic is of a very high standard but he does not push or suggest things you really do not need, he solves your problem almost exactly as he describes in his proposal and is simply a pleasure to be around!

While “Dave” is in the midst of his work he is always “Safety-Conscience” and keeps a very clean work area and as ours was an existing building which we remodeled, he was careful not to damage anything during his work.
“Dave” has a number of Technicians that work for him and are well trained in their field and extremely polite just as “Dave” is. I would advise and refer “anyone” needing Air-Conditioning needs to “Dave” (Zimmerman’s Air Conditioning & Heating Inc.) with full confidence he and his crew can handle the job requested of them.

In an age where “Contractor’s” can often do less then quality work and never really care about customer relations-“Zimmerman’s Air-Conditioning” stands alone in my opinion as the all around “Professional- A/C Contractor.”
John Hamilton
Service/Maintenance Personnel
The Icthus Church

July 2009

In July 2009, I began having problems with my Air Conditioning not cooling my house. I called my Home Warranty Group and was referred to David Zimmerman. David had Jerry come out that afternoon to diagnose my problem. The Freon level was low, but, he was unable to find the leak. He found that the Air Handler was in bad shape with clogged coils and some parts rusted. The Air Handler needed to be replaced. He added Freon to the Compressor so the AC would cool. The following day, David came by for further evaluation and then based on his findings made recommendations to my Home Warranty Group. My Unit was old and was only a 10 seer unit. New requirements are that units installed must be 13 seer or greater. My Home Warranty Group paid me an allowance toward the purchase of a new unit which had to be ordered. David gave me choices of which Heat Pump I wanted to get. He provided me with information so I could make an informed decision. I selected a 15.5 seer Heat Pump which exceeds the requirements, but is more efficient that lower seer units. David assured me that if my cooling level dropped prior to the installation of the new unit, that I should call and he or one of his assistants would come over and add more Freon.

David and his crew worked with my schedule in setting a time of the installation of the new Heat Pump. The day the three of them came, all they were courteous, wore booties to avoid tracking in dirt from outside and they cleaned up after they finished. They were very professional as they worked and were considerate of me. They even talked to and petted my two small dogs thereby helping to calm them down.

After the installation of my new unit my house is comfortable in all weather conditions. I keep a chart of the Average kWh of electricity used each month. Since putting in the new Heat Pump, my electric bill have shown consistently lower Average kWh usage and my house is definitely more comfortable.

I would certainly recommend David Zimmerman of Zimmerman’s Air Conditioning & Heating Inc. I will have David or one of his staff come annually for routine maintenance to keep my unit running efficiently.



This past summer, David Zimmerman installed a new Rheem air conditioning unit in our beach home. He provided us with detailed descriptions of various units plus researched energy efficient units so that we could receive a tax credit.

Being in a different county, he researched the required codes and followed governmental protocol.

Mr. Zimmerman did an excellent job installing the unit and communicated the progress throughout the installation. I highly recommend Mr. Zimmerman for job well done.


Phoebe Irby